Another day another HKD

Zoe and I had a pretty big night going into 2010. We walked to SoHo near the giant travelator escalator and wandered around just before midnight looking for a noodle shop of some sort that wasn’t too touristy. We happened upon a more ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of place and by that I mean braised bean curd and Chinese broccoli with garlic. The small bodega style place had a TV broadcasting the local HK coverage equivalent of the ball dropping i.e. women in sequin dresses singing, Chinese children singing and Chinese pop stars dancing. We realized once the saucy beancurd arrived that this would be where 2010 would go down but we’d noticed a couple of wine bars nearby and figured we’d get some champagne afterwards. Which we did. An owner, Larry (a large bouncer looking fellow) gave us 2 free glasses of champagne after all the fireworks had blasted out of the sides of the buildings down in the Central waterfront near the ferries. He spoke excellent English and we talked abou our trip ahead. So no, it wasn’t camping out at Joshua Tree, but I think just as memorable in its own way and we made it to midnight despite the jetlag. And we’ve got many more countries to visit ahead in ’10 so it’s difficult not to be excited.

Hong Kong

17 hours later we are here. We’re looking forward to hiking around the city tomorrow. It feels like noon but we’re going to try and sleep a bit. Zoe’s friends who are hosting us were kind enough to share some Thai food with us. We’re glad it was a long uneventful flight.


Ipod touch blog

Okay here is a blog entry from our new iPod touch with the wordpress application installed. It seems to work pretty well. There are some parallels with this trip and my xc bicycle trip 10 years ago only then there was no wifi and digital cameras were very expensive now photos are cheap, talk is cheap what with skype and all, and now we’ll be half way around the world.