Gunks’ V4 – early bike rides & Bing!

Ryan and I went to the East Trapps yesterday to Boxcar and Andrew’s Boulder problem. I mananged to send the normal Andrew’s V4 problem by late in the afternoon. No luck on the Black Rock V5, and the V3 Baby Hole almost went, but we wanted to save a little skin and tendon strength for Andrew. The heel hook to toe catch seems to be crucial, there are some more challenging variations on it, including the roof, so I look forward to going back to it.

Went for a bike ride in Central Park at 06:30 with some co-workers. Seems crazy, but I feel good. Zoe informed me that Bing! is not finding my page yet, and I know there are quite a few optimizations I can make to get more hits of out of this thing. WordPress has gone to 2.8.1 so I probably should upgrade which might help. That’s about all I got. Lots of Gimme! fresh roasted Platinum Blonde blend these days, should’ve brought a samovar with me to the Gunks yesterday, I think it would’ve helped assist more sends.

6mo! a ‘lil Sturm & Drang & your Yama Mama

The fake wedding last weekend at Shi Restuarant on the LIC waterfront aka our Six Month Jubilee went beautifully. We really enjoyed having all of our friends and family in one place and the entire weekend went smoothly with only a few afternoon showers. We send our thanks and love to all those who were in attendance and to those who could not.

On a completely different tack, thanks to CM for introducing me to the musical talents of Wolfgang Voigt through his ‘Studio 1’ work. The artist goes by many monikers: ‘Mike Ink’ & ‘Gas’ to name a couple but it’s the flavor of his 4/4 minimal deep beats that I’m enjoying and Zoe is hating. She prefers her beats with a bit less drum & bass, say a bit more melody and less like a Berliner discotheque.

Finally, the Yama Vacuum coffee pot continues to work well as I refine the proportions. I need to find some new freshly ground beans as my Gimme! ‘Picolo Mondo’ runs out. I’ve found that 3 cups of water, 4 heaping Tbls of medim-fine ground beans, and let the coffee sit in the top of the vacuum pot about 45 seconds before pulling off heat -so far- seems to work the best. Not too strong but gives a nice smooth clean flavor.

Okay, really last thing. The alt install of Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS on the old PIII works fine with mt-daapd (Firefly) and .flac conversion but it appears smart playlists and certain .flac encodings cause it to completely kick out of iTunes. There is a newer forked version that I happened upon while surfing the internets: and this is Julien Blache’s blog which has the info about his rewrite of the fork.   It sounds like he streamlined mt-daapd to the bare essentials and coded for only Linux; so long as it still works with iTunes I am happy.  You can get it from his git here with the proper client: git://

Photo sets from our fake wedding jubilee are on my Flickr. PM me on Flickr if you are a friend or family and wish to view the actual jubilee event photo set. Thanks again to Mr. Ryan Webb for the beautiful photos.

WWDC no 802.11n in on the 3G S iPhone!? Drat!

So, with the new iPhone 3.x OS you will not be purchasing an 802.11N enabled wireless chipset.  Apparently the new 3G S model does support 4G HSDPA but not 5 GHz 802.11N wireless with the new lower powered Broadcom BCM4325. Apparently the 3G S model is a bit snappier. When is the 802.11n iPod Touch coming out? That’s what I’m waiting for. I saw that Garret had a very small LG phone that’s basically free from Verizon, if I could find that used/new and then go with a Touch remote… we’ll see how it goes…. Windows 7 RC is OK. It works, for what it’s worth.

I like Ubuntu 9.04 with MythTV…. I’m going to go back to that but probably do a dual boot leaving Win7 RC just in case…. Sadly, for Netflix playback due to Silverlight DRM a Windows XP/Vista/7 VM or even an OS X VM is necessary for Netflix streaming…. or buy a Roku box, unfortunately our TV doesn’t have 2 HDMI inputs… I’m surprised no one has been able to reverse engineer the Roku Box’s chipset and put the Silverlight DRM code out there…. Or even just have a “Roku Box VM”…. Why not, right? Seems possible, when you consider how almost all old video console games can now be played and fit on one flash drive.

I brewed with the Yama 5 Cup Vacuum brewer today. Thank you Conor and Leigh, awesome gift BTW; best of luck in your trip West. The coffee is very good, very clean, very smooth. I currently am grinding Gimme’ Coffee’s Picolo Mondo variety. Thank you Japanese vacuum brewing technology and to Chris for the awesome vintage German Peter Dienes grinder which does it job remarkably well for a hand grinder over twice as old as I am.

Yama Brewing

Yama Vaccuum Brewing by Digital Colony

My Vintage PeDe looks similar, all metal on top though

My Vintage PeDe looks similar, all metal on top though


Hackable? Image from blog