blast you mt-daapd! blast you!

So I thought that Firefly / mt-daapd was working under Jaunty 9.04 but I was wrong. It does in fact stream remote .mp3s but it doesn’t transcode the FLAC. Boo. Apparently it’s usual for things to break when they’re upgraded, but it worked fine on the old Dell PIII which makes me think that maybe I should go back to that. 9.04 may be required as a front-end (using VDPAU) but if I can get some 8.04.2 LTS stable love on the back-end and have all this other stuff working I’d definitely prefer that. Did you know that the AMD XP 2800+ had a 78W TDP? I sure didn’t. That’s a hot little puppy. This cheap Intel e5200 I bought is significantly faster and cooler than that guy, my only regret is that it doesn’t have VM/VT natively. Man. So sad, I thought I had it all going strong.

More Great Coffee Shops in New York

So if you live in NYC and you’re looking for a map of the best coffee shops all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens then look no further than this blog and the associated map “On the Road to Epiphany” which we assume to mean the epiphany one has when drinking great coffee, or wine, or beer. Though perhaps the allusion is “the road” as in the journey one goes one when seeking such a state; in any case the blog is about good coffee and has maps and info about NY City’s best coffee.

View The Road to Epiphany Do-it-Yourself Guided Tour Map in a larger map

Linux is a temperamental mistress

There is not doubt that you get out of MythTV what you put into it.  I spent a good day, post system build, just getting things going.  I upgraded to the 180.51 stable NVIDIA driver for the 9400 GT card that I have, at first it presented some problems, but I used Synaptic upgrade manager with Jean-Yves’ optional kernel builds with VDPAU support and the machine seems to run pretty cool.  Yes that Antec 120mm fan is loud but I think I can run it on the low setting. Why Antec builds cases with fan holes that seem to be able to produce noise is beyond me.  Since it’s an exhaust you’d think they might as well make it a super open mesh or just an open circle.

The Apple “mini” Remote still doesn’t work.  I was able to get LIRC to recognize it via the HDHomeRun IR input, and it wrote to some .conf file somewhere, but it’s unclear exactly how to set it up from within Myth.  But Apache works, I need to install Avahi and Netatalk again so I can get access to all the recordings from the other computers on the LAN.  I still wouldn’t mind having a low powered server as a dedicated back-end, especially if I could run MT-DAAPD on that, ideally it’d be gigabit and something like an old Sempron 3000+ headless with say over 2 TB’s of free space.

I fixed a floor pump today that had a bad O ring using only teflon tape.  Science.  Also I had a double Americano using Stumptown beans at City Girl cafe on Thompson this morning.  So good… wicked Sláinte.

City Girl Cafe

City Girl Cafe via Noyda on Flickr

Say S for Stumptown Espresso

Hairbender via Lameen on Flickr

Awesome awesomeness

So things have been busy but going pretty well, in comparison to the Winter at least.  I’m having another go at MythBuntu 8.04 LTS on the old PIII as the Myth Back-End.  I built our Front-End this afternon.  It’s a E5200 Core Duo chip, the motherboard is based on Intel’s 4100 chipset and is made by Gigabyte. I ended up with an MSI made Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT PCI-Express x16 v2.0 video card which should be able to offload my the processing needed for HDTV and h.264 1080p video playback, from what I’ve read anyhow VDPAU and Linux have come along nicely especially in the 9.04 release which is what I’ll run on the Front-End.  The MSI supports two digital heads simultaneously over HDMI and DVI.  Unfortunately the one Antec 120mm fan is quite noisy while the other Enermax 120mm is dead quiet.  Lesson learned.  I was going to buy two of those but I cheapened out.

The case itself is pretty solid, it’s an Antec Sonata III and it came with a nice EarthWatts 500w power supply and originally I was considering trying to find a different case and keep the PSU, but I think it’ll work out.  I would say that you shouldn’t stuff like four 3.5″ SATA HDDs in this case, it’d be too hot and noisy.  I may need to buy some sound deadening padding for the walls of the case and do a little dremmel cutting to open up some grating that seems to be blocking airflow.  I was considering doing this at the Pratt metal shop but the prospect of dragging this case all the way down there was too daunting and besides, who doesn’t need a rotary cutting tool?

So yeah.  A bit of the ‘ole bike commuting across the Williamsburg bridge.  The weather has stayed pretty friendly and I’ve been taking sailing classes which have been a lot of fun.  That’s all.  Lets hope the new builds workout here so Zoe can start recording more model TV shows.