Finally we are not tumblr’ing

We didn’t escape the city this past weekend.  Something of a disappointment, not Alan Webb’s kind, but disappointment nonetheless. The highlight was the 4th of July party on a Brooklyn rooftop: crazy DJ’s, dancing, and Brooklyn lofts. Zoe and I agreed it was the best of the last three years.  After the first kickball game last night I rushed home to watch the final track and field Olympic trials on the boob tube.

Lagat ran a silky smooth 1500m final.  It shows in all the trials races I watched him run, the supreme confidence and skill he’s achieved over the years.  The best stories from the weekend were the eccentric boy runners with long hair.  Those were my kind of runners.  Anthony Famiglietti ran a “pure guts race” at Prefontaine’s old hunting grounds, from the gun he led the 3km steeplechase and held off Nelson and McAdams from the front.

Gabriel Jennings needed both an A standard sub 3:36 and a placing to go to China.  After the 1st 400m he was at 60″ or so and by 800 around 2:00; it wasn’t his day.  Lagat held back in 4th waiting to see the development but turned it on with around 500m to go, there were elbows and jostling, but no stopping the top three (Lagat, Manzano, and Lomong).  Jennings was more the hippie American kid of lost boy, the Standford kind, prone to rock climbing and trans-continental bicycle trips (as in North America-to- South America).  So of course I was rooting for he and Webb, I can’t help it.

The 1500m and the 5000m should both be good in Bejing.

I’ve spoken with Viggo and the answer is “Yes”

The thunderstorms have been coming in every afternoon. It puts a damper on evening climbing. I bought some more GRE study materials. NY is full of mostly Mediteranean tourists. Apparently WPA2 Pre-Shared Key encryption is not fully secure. I’ve been considering for a while setting up an OpenRADIUS server, perhaps now is the time.

Also I’ve been considering downgrading to a Samsung flip phone with a small QWERTY keyboard. The 8830 quality control left a lot to be desired and I’m not sure that the 8330 would be any better, though I am quite sure that the bberry OS 4.6 has to be better than 4.2.2 which has been riddled with memory leaks and browser bugs from the beginning.

The latest thing that went wrong with the 8830 was it sensed the trackball (pearl) as being constantly depressed. The delete key would also act as the menu key and it’d randomly create and reply to both emails and SMSs automagically. Listen, okay, so the iPhone cannot cut & paste or search (find) within web pages and the 8830 breaks every few months. Who makes a smart pda that doesn’t run on Windows that is as slick as the iphone but has all the “computer like” features bberry users are used to?

No one, that’s who. Let’s hope Nokia and Google get in the game as there is still quite a bit of room for improvement.

[ed: apparently with a couple of clever bookmarklet non-Apple Sanctioned web-applications Safari on the iPhone can “find in page” and copy & paste. Now as to why we are on the 3G Version 2.0 of this damn Jesus Phone and it requires a third party work around to achieve such is beyond me.]