Out of the way old man!

Maggie was in town briefly before heading to work at a clinic in Bolivia for a few weeks.  We were walking through Central Park near Umpire Rock and there is this a middle aged man time-trialing his Cervelo Carbon P3 with matching Zip 404 front and 808 disc (yes a disc! in Central Park!) wheels.  So of course he hits the corner with the intersection path that goes to Columbus Circle at top speed and expects everyone to get out of his way, because you know when you get to carriages and the smell of horse dung, that will really motivate him. He nearly ran over an old guy riding his huffy.  It was really an American Psycho moment.  I hope when he does race his triathlon that he is training for he gets run off the road by a pack of wild dogs.  That’s the least we can pray for really.

Dentists Riding Serottas

So, I called it.  5:30pm tonight until… I’ll see you Saturday morning.

On another note, BikeSnobNYC had a funny comment today on a Craig’s List Ad involving a tattoo artist hoping to trade ink for a track bike.  I wonder what Sascha White trades his Vanillas for? [See previous post Hand Built Portland Dreams: beer, wool, locally roasted coffee, wampum, and other locally grown product]

And yes, it would be awesome if denists simply traded fillings for high-end custom frames, it seems it’d make the whole insurance thing easier.  It’d go something like, “Well lets see Delta Dental covers 2K$ worth of filling and or crown work which will get me the Reyonolds 953 blend with an Alpha Q fork and Joe Bell paint job, but if I do a second filling that will bump me up into carbon fibre range, we’re talking Craig Calfee or Seven custom action.”  Dentists.

On a related note, congrats to Evan for finishing grad school and taking a job out West.  It seems he’ll be in San Francisco any day now just in time for the fog and endless bicycle rides with Tommy in the hills of the Bay.


The term comes from the standard film industry practice at least here in the Northern Mid-Atlantic of starting a Friday as a split day after 12:00pm.  Twelve hour days are standard so at minimum the day will go until 1am Saturday morning thus the term Fraterday.  I had the pleasure of working on an out of state picture that was a reverse-split on a Friday evening.  So we started at 7:30pm with the last of the daylight HMI’s shifted to tungsten for the overnight stuff and then when the sun came up at 6:30am we broke out the big daylight HMI’s again shooting until 10:30am.  Super fun stuff.  Similar to a job where we shot for three weeks of overnights in an underground bunker in the Bronx Armory.  Get it?  There was no sun shining and yet we started every day at 3pm.  Good stuff, good stuff.

Our kickball team lost our first game Sunday evening.  It was ugly.  They were a better team.  They put the ball where they wanted.  We did not. I went climbing last week to Stover aka High Rocks, Pennsylvania.  It was sweet dirty red shale with cliffs uphill from a clean fast running river.  It’s always surprising when you drive two hours from New York City and people start talking about “swimmin’ holes” and “the crick”.  But I shit you not that’s how they roll in Stover and it’s a pleasant albeit slick (as in the clay rock becomes greasy) climbing spot with plenty of good hard roof problems.  Erik and I met our match on a couple of 5.10d roofs on top rope.

I’ll probably work a couple of days in the city this week.  Josh and I climbed at Cat and Rat Rock today and I proved my fingers again on Felix, LOTR (aka Scratching Post), and finally completed Tweaky Shit (or whatever the name for the sit-start variation is) clean.  Good stuff.

Hipster Compromise

Zoe and I have been playing team kickball in a McCarren Park league on Sunday evenings.  For what should be a relatively easy sport for kids who are no longer young the game has required surprising athleticism.  So far our team “The Wrecking Crew” is 4-0-1.  That’s right our first game was a stellar 0-0 tie but since then we’ve learned one of the golden rules of kickball; run and run hard.  The kickball is actually quite difficult to throw from 1st to 3rd and often times people lose control of it, so basically the strategy is run as fast as you can and you’ll score points.  There are rules like no bunting, no leading off of bases on pop-flies, you can only advance one base on a bad throw but usually it seems people drop the ball and fail to get it back to the pitcher in time and we score points.

These weekends of late have been unusually active with almost too much social interaction.  On Saturday we stopped by a party in the West Village at a sweet condo that may be owned in part by Columbia for their professors, the people who lived their had a Gursky print/poster (if it’s a real print of “99 cents” that’s off the hook) and a nice little Noguchi table.  There was a spread of food, wine, babies and lots of law talk.  Skinny ties are still in.  After working all night Friday into Saturday I fell asleep watching “The Wire” at around 7:30pm glad to be back in NY.

Shelby Elizabeth, on our kickball team has documented some with photos of the games. I thought I’d put a couple up here with links to her original set on Flickr.

Scott + Leigh


The Crew

Brooklyn Kickball

Small Dogs

My friend Chris turned me on to this movie trailer [below]. We’ve been working nights and it looks like more rain. Not good. I had two Dunkin’ Donuts lattes today. I was trying to figure out if Skype is available on the 8830 (it is not). GPRS / EVDO may not have the data rate to do it. Apparently there is a Windows Mobile version that works well, Wi-Fi I think is required though 3G may work. T-Mobile has been pushing for Wi-Fi enabled mobiles to extend their cellular coverage by utilizing existing broadband networks, which seems to be the general direction of things. I am tired. Z has been drinking white wine and watching episodes of “The Wire” without me and it makes me sad. Looking forward to driving back to NY at 9am like a meth addled junkie jonsing for his next fix, only instead of meth, it’s called work, and by fix I mean sleeping in my own bed.

HTML5: http://youtu.be/0mI808JK6-Q


This 8830 of mine has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand I can type like 50 words per minute now on a tiny little QWERTY keypad, on the other, my thumbs will probably lock up when I’m 40. Also it costs more, and V tends to jack up the price just ’cause they can, well that and they passed on the iPhone so they gotta take the revenue where they can.

But yeah, I’m basically paying two times as much a month but I can chat, wikipedia search, IMDB, email, whatever, until my heart is content or until my thumbs cry uncle. But the point I feel it drives home is the nature of online content is shifting. I mean, okay say I forget the Times paper at home, one thumb click and I can read it online, or I use RSS aggregators or Google Reader for all my favorite blogs, while I am on the subway. And don’t even get me started about Google Maps, it is by far the killer app for pda’s, the fact that carriers try and charge $10/month for their navigation service is laughable. The model of cloud computing especially extends to these “mobile computers” that happen to be phones, all your docs, your calendar, your contacts, always sync’d always online.

Anyhow, I have been out of state a bunch lately and it is nice to not always need the laptop. I mean yeah, most hotels have Wi-Fi now, but seriously, I can almost do everything I need on my little b-bizzle. I think maybe Snoop Dog should try and help them with marketing, cause I am certain that iPhone 2.0 has RIM a little worried.