Taylor and Shawn’s movie in Jersey was looking like a week of nights out in Cedar Grove, New Jersey at an abandoned psychiatric hospital from the early 1900’s. And while it’s fun to play out scenes from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” I’d much rather rig with Luis and Iris on Ken Shibata’s Tier 2 in the city, so that’s what I did yesterday.

We finished our rigging with the Greenpoint Terminal, which partially burned down last year, in part it was believed due to arson. The Terminal is part of the mostly abandoned industrial shipping waterfront of Northwest Brooklyn that in conjunction with Long Island City, is seeing rapid re-development with something 50 high rise condominiums going up between the Williamsburg bridge and the Queens Borough in Long Island City, Queens. It’s still questionable whether Zoe and I will be able to afford some of that sweet nouveau-luxe condo crap.  After rigging we electricians went to the Pencil Factory bar on Franklin.  $4 beer still seems like a deal for New York anyhow.

I uploaded a bunch of old photos in an attempt to backup my backup. I need the drive space, as I think I found the solution to the Lossless Audio playback dilemma. Zoe actually led me towards it. The problem is, if you have a lot of music you need a server, especially if you want to have the music sound just like your CD’s. The problem is how do you control that music? Turns out, you run the server/player “headlessly” that is, without monitor or keyboard. Then you control the music via your web browser on your BlackBerry, laptop, iPhone, whatever remote control you like, so long as it works with TCP and the internet. Genius.

These photos were from the Spring of 2004 in Ohio, after I came back from Germany, before my Grandfather passed away.

Ohio - 1
Ohio - 2


Was up in the Berkshires for a Crewdson photography shoot.  Big setups. Lots of trees and desperately condemned decaying houses.  It ended up being pretty enjoyable and relaxing, really.  I’ll shortly back on a feature in the dirty Jerse.  Still don’t know the best way to go about managing and uncompressed FLAC or Apple Lossless audio library.  Remotes? LCD screens?  What is the slickest, least obtrusive way to set it up?

the scene at left
slightly under
heat treatment
that is one point that is allowable to tie your harness into

California made me feel alright

The first wedding of the last month felt the best. We were in Sonoma. We stayed in a cute old bungalow near Larkspur. The rental car was the ingenius Chrysler Sebring convertible, a testament to American stagnation. We drove to wineries. The sun set over the vineyards and the hills of Sonoma during the reception, after the wedding, and before the cake. The flower arrangements were spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, the estate in Bowie, MD was beautiful too, and miraculously not hot and humid. And Cape Cod! How can we ever forget Cape Cod, what with cool ocean breezes, American blue blood, shingled houses, and clothing curtesy of Lily Pulitzer + Vineyard Vines. But I felt best hiking in the hills overlooking the Bay. I felt best walking in an empty downtown San Francisco reveling in a city’s lack of crowds.

When we returned this past weekend from Cape Cod, our apartment walls were bleeding rust stained water, there was a giant hole cut in the drywall above our toilet and our landlord had left a note saying that he’d be out of town for 10 days. Thank God. I was worried we’d never return to New York.

Tommy, Zoe, and a container vessel.

but often just went in circles...
Porsche 912 BRG, Cali

Azza may be pronounced Azz-uh

The film I worked on last summer mostly at Fort Totten titled Joshua was screened for cast, crew, investors, and a few célébrité last night. You can check out the trailer at Apple HD Trailers and while you are in the mood to watch trailers, check Ridley’s at American Gangster, it looks pretty good, I only worked for about a month on that, it was a much bigger shoot needless to say.

The producers last night were talking about how independent film is still something of a miracle and I generally agree with them. There is a pseudo formula, you need to have a least one principal A list cast member, ideally a couple. A first time director will need to have a writer who has proven successful, you only choose a cinematographer who has also shot features ideally in a similar genre. And the list goes on, a $3 million picture still has a good chance of not suceeding. Benoit Debie’s cinematography last night looked good, and the movie was creepy, and Fox Searchlight bought it, so there you go.