Dansen Dame

  Almost forgot to mention the trip to the Islas Coronado, and visiting Chris in San Diego and caught up with another Chris from USC in LA.  Also managed to spend the night at Zoe’s friends’ apartment in Long Beach, Susanna and Aaron.  ‘Twas an awesome Amtrak Surfliner experience up the Pacific Coast.  The trip on the Dutch 37 foot 1956 steel Yawl that Chris and his friend Ben own, however, was the highlight.  We anchored up for the night next to the cliffs and made way the next morning around 7 or 8 back.  Sadly the winds died and we motored most of the way into the harbor, that being said the swell was pretty high, 6 feet perhaps.  Chris’ place is nice, in that Italian fisherman village bungalow style, see the Itlian film “Respiro” to get an idea.  Southern California is freeways, airports, and coastline.  I did go to an indoor rock gym and did some plastic bouldering. Speaking of bouldering…

 Josh and I took New Jersey transit yesterday to Tuxedo, NY.  After exiting the train, just off a local road near I-87, there is  a trailhead that takes you to the Appalachian trail.  Less than an hour from New York.  And $15 round trip on weekends, non-peak.  Amazing.  We found plenty of fresh rocks to climb.  Seems somewhat un-discovered.  There are plenty of lines, and few hikers.  The park is called Harriman State Park, and it’s free. There are a bunch of lakes up the hill too.  Would make a great weeked trip with a couple of bouldering pads, some food, a couple of tents, some beers, and some babes.

Islas Coronado - 1
 Sea Lions, San Diego Bay
Islas Coronado - 3
Dream boat


So we’re shooting this movie in Connecticut, and that makes me tired. And somehow I ended up with a Banana Republic credit card. And we have something like a thousand weddings to go to this month. My cousin Donald graduated from Yale and plans on going to China to live there for a while and teach English, practice his Chinese. My cousin Peter was in town doing a half-ironman triathlon from the Statue of Liberty to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. My mother was here for that. Matt and Maggie arrived. I went to Connecticut to work on this movie. Another one with Ginnifer. And a Matt from Friends. And Hillary from Boy’s Don’t Cry. It’s some sort of romantic comedy. Wacky. My climbing has slowly been getting better. Josh mounted a sweet workout board in the truck, with Derek’s help of course. There are plenty of finger strength and pull-up type exercises to do. Matt and Maggie brought some fresh roast from Gimme’ Coffee in Ithaca. It’s better than either crafty or catering’s coffee offerings.

Pete's Triathlon - 1
Swimming in the Hudson dreck