Welcome to the real LIC, bitches.

It’s all about linen jackets these days. As I type this I am sitting next to three guys who I believe are Italian, one is sipping an espresso, and he is wearing a pair of blue and white plaid pants and a greenish khaki linen jacket and a white button down. This is the way they roll in LIC. The point being, it’s a little different than our former home in Little Poland, and the move was hellish and took two days, but I have Josh, Jeff, and Taylor to thank for the help and realizing its full execution. Really hellish though. We had two Polish workers ripping out our old door frame as we moved boxes out, we had immigrant contract construction workers installing a “closet” and “painting” our new place as we moved boxes in the next day.

But yeah, Long Island City isn’t as much of a neighborhood. There isn’t an off-track betting, a Radio Shack, a hardware store, or surly Polish-American grocery checkout girls. But we have the E, V, 7, the N, R, W and not to forget the blessed G train. We are 10 minutes to 5th Avenue. I can walk across the Queens-borough bridge and shop! shop! shop! It’s a give and a take, this city. Zoe’s commute decreased by something like 30 minutes per day. My commute time is currently zero.

Chris is in Germany. I’d love to go out west and see his sailboat. Maggie and Matt will be leaving Michigan soon, wouldn’t mind seeing them as well. I’ve been reading about making high capacitance speaker interconnects out of Teflon “plenum” coated CAT-6 networking cable. The twisted pairs cancel themselves out +/-, the high/low. One design unfortunately recommends braiding 27 pairs per speaker. I’ll post some pictures soon. The record player works well and the apartment is nice.