Day of the JLG Condor

In the morning the phone call from Josh was somewhat frantic, Matt’s car was stuck in ice and locked between two tightly packed cars, wasn’t there an Enterprise Rental by my place? Indeed. It opens at 7:30am. The one Nissan Pathfinder SUV was all they could rent for a thrifty $90 per day We would still have to cross Manhattan via the 59th Street Bridge and pick up Josh and Jeff at 96th and Broadway, and then on to Mt. Vernon, NY to do our boom and scissor lift certification course. Why would you want to be lift certified? Because when Jimmy, Tommy, and Frankie ask you if you’re lift certified on the next film you work on, you say, “Yeah, here’s the card signed by Sam Blakely, the 170 foot lift guy in Mt. Vernon.” Whatever. It’s all a racket. Our joke was that because this training course was cheaper than the other JLG certified course, the Union would ask us for the $35 difference as an administration fee. So yeah. We did that, ate Indian food, Josh and I drove to the climbing gym, I got a $115 ticket, the rental car was almost towed. Just another fucking day in the Winter Paradise that is New York City.

Fence and Condors

The Weather Underground

So what I was thinking about today at work, as we were almost wrapped, were the three things I want in my future home that is not in the city. One, would be the wood burning stove, two would be the garden, and three? What would three be? A wind turbine? Solar panels? None of those have the same ring. You could say something like the love of my life to be with me forever and ever, but that would perhaps sound trite. Cast iron cookware? Not having an insane Polish lady as a landlord who lives below you, yes, a good start. Tube amplifiers, stereo sound, Nagra reel-to-reel tape recorders? All these things are nice, don’t get me wrong. I love stereo hi-fi. I’m sure there’s something that goes with those two. In Atom Egoyan’s ‘The Sweet Hearafter” it was the love of the two artists, who lived in the A-Frame cottage in Canada who had the child that died miserably in the tragedy that struck the town, but how can you make it? These things do not line up like that. Wasn’t that the point of the movie, that you could be this happy artist hippie couple, easily crippled by tragedy? I’m not trying to be a downer. I just want a solid number three.


Count the 2Ks!

go zero

Somehow I miraculously got well today from the whooping cough on my day off, though I still slept in ’til 2pm and Zoe made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I also drank some Coca-Cola Zero, which if you haven’t tried it, tastes significantly better than Diet Coke. If you’re into diet soda. Or soda at all. Apparently there is a new Cherry Coke Zero but I have not tried it yet. Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi used to be my favorite, but right now I think Coke Zero ‘is it’. What ‘isn’t it’? Working on overnight film shoots in the Winter outdoors of New York. That’s for fucking sure. Sunset Park Railroad Yard, Brooklyn Armory, Hoyt-Schemerhorn tunnel. Check. Done them. Never want to see these places again in my life. Teen thrillers? Just say no. Working in tunnels with broken glass and one inch of soot. Teenage suicide. Don’t do it.

The first two pics are of a place we thought about buying in Jackson Heights Queens. It’s nice and all, but the same money buys in Manhattan near an express stop less than a mile from Central Park and generally should see higher investment return. That’s the idea anyway. This whole process is going to take a little time. Back to the climbing gym with Josh et al tomorrow

New Ikea crap

Loads of space for stuff 900sqft

white fill bounce from underneath

Home from work at 7am

staying warm?

Carhartt Duck Bib Overall / Arctic Quilt Lined

These keep you warm. It’s going to be cold tonight. And into the foreseeable future. When Josh was on the process trailer and it was 9 degrees out, and the limo sheared the trailer hitch off the truck, he was warm. That is why I put my faith in the Artic Quilt Lined Overalls. I’ll repeat with a follow up presuming no-one gets killed in the train yard in Sunset Park / Bay Ridge.


If someone ever asks you to shoot a movie in late January/February, both in Subway tunnels and involving many night exteriors, just say no.  Because it will be 9 degrees out at night.  Because Subway tunnels are filthy hazardous places.  Because the movie will go straight to DVD.  It is  not “The Warriors”.  Seriously.  No, is the correct answer.  Zoe and I put in an offer.  $307k may be too much for this 1 bedroom.  We’ll see.  It’s about a little over 900 sq. feet.   Big by New York standards, expensive and small by most American standards.  I think we could live like decadent kings in Columbus, Ohio.  Or Barre, Vermont.  Even Taos, New Mexico is supposed to be cheap.  What does New York have if not filthy subway tunnels and overpriced real estate?