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It’s frustrating, when you know things can be done, when there are many things that can be done, that should be done, but they don’t get done and instead too much energy is simply diffused. There was an article I read about Lawrence in Taos, New Mexico, and despite the woman beating, I get drawn into this idyllic world of cabins and mountains. Jessica is out there. What does it take to will yourself out of the mudanity? I can see a cabin. I see them everywhere, in woods, in deserts, in high mountains, on the coast, and yet I feel trapped sitting down with cold toes.  Maybe chai tea will help.

What would it take to charge a laptop battery off of solar?  The DC converter on this laptop is rated for input 100-200V AC at 1.5A and outputs 18.5V – 4.6A DC for the MacBook Pro.  I imagine you could do a 24V DC household system off the grid, which would give you capacity to step down to charge it directly, it’d be more effecient anyhow.

My right calf is feeling better. I pulled it pretty badly last week giving it more speed running than it was used to, the 21′:23″ 5km race at Van Cortlandt Park didn’t help.  It was entirely too painful.  I think the 5km at altitude in Vermont was less painful.  Here is what I’m thinking, build up to 100m repeats in less than 15″ seconds.  From there go to 200m repeats, until I get to an 800m somewhere near 2′:15″.  I ran a 2′:26″ 800m being fairly out of shape, I think it is a matter of honing the speed.
Zoe amongst the plants in front of the mirror Flash! Mirror.

Chrysler? Nice.


I didn’t expect the romanticism of the train to be so overpowering. The eight hours to Montpelier flew by and I felt like a giant weight had been lifted off my chest. There is special smell in Fall as the leaves change and the days grow colder and the snap of freezing cracks. Aaron lives in a cabin close to Hardwick, about 15 miles or so from Montpelier, down a dirt road, on the top of a hill with no electricity and running water from a spring. My last night I had a couple of logs in the wood fired stove to keep the little cabin warm. I ran a 5 km trail race with Aaron’s friend Caroline and other runners from town; it was sponsored by the shop she and Aaron work for. The trails in the Winter become cross country skiing tracks. It was hilly and I was nearly beaten by Caroline’s fleet feet. I went mountain biking in nearby Barre at some Granite Quarries, borrowed a Cannondale Prophet from the bike shop. Mostly I felt myself quiet down. The city has been too much lately. I feel like more simplification is needed. I don’t really want to spend my nights in condors or on ledges any more. I need something else. I know. This is basically how it always is. Something else. But it was so quiet up there. And the stars and the moon.



I think Matt would appreciate this

I think Matt would appreciate this

Aaron's cabin

Aaron’s cabin

Misty morning

Misty morning

Internet Sales

per Zoe I finished the touring bicycle for sale on eBay. I talked to Scott this weekend about sharing woodshop space as it seems we have similar ambitions in the part time world of woodcrafting. Conor had mentioned to me a movie starring Will Oldham shot in Oregon, a kind of wandering mountain brook style film, called Old Joy. Looks promising. I might try and see it, as it appears to still be playing at Film Forum. We did poached eggs for the first time this morning. I think we needed Hollandaise sauce, but it was a good first effort. Nina called about working. I am thinking about Oregon climbing. And cycling. And doing anything. To feel anything. Is it this abyss of Winter? It was 70 degrees and sunny today. So what is it? Windows XP does in fact work under Boot Camp v1.1 beta on the MacBook Pro. In case you were wondering. This is why I bought the Mac. No regrets. Except for a few dead pixels that I will have to raise hell about. Apple’s quality control is down the composting toilet. Now to make a list of things to do with my life.

carbon steertubes and the rest

So my newish used 1996 Salsa “La Razza” bike has a Performance “Forte” brand 1″ all carbon fork on it. The problem is, even with a fancy 1″ expansion wedge made by Profile Design, it slips. I’ve had two thoughts on this, and now I think I’ve come up with what is perhaps the most expensive solution to fix it. The problem: carbon fiber isn’t a great clamping surface and when you think of a handlebar / stem combo that is subjected to the lateral torsional stress of a rider gripping as well as potholes and bumpy New York streets, if something in this system slips it all goes loose. Here’s a nice page about headsets.

True Temper, the tubing company (golf clubs, frame tubes, missiles, etc.) happens also to build carbon fiber forks and their system, supposedly a rather good one, is to glue an aluminum shim with a threaded insert that re-inforces the carbon fibre steerer for clamping while providing a solid threaded fixture in the steertube. The next step is to buy an expensive Ritchey WCS stem with an 1-1/8″ to 1″ shim, and hope that the whole damn thing is worth the effort. I have faith that the guys at NYC Velo can get it done.

I’ll be working on Gangster again on Friday. Otherwise I’ve been thinking of the navel, and I cooked Zoe dinner the other night.