Blowing Up

Last night on Gangster they blew some stuff up for Denzel. It was basically a late 1960’s winter night Pimps & Hoes party set in the Bronx I believe, being shot in Williamsburg.  It was a long night.  There was a mean drive by shooting scene.  We rigged some Kinos in a Chinese restaurant.  There were Ruby 7’s under the J train, a few condors, including a 170 foot with an insane light array of 4 Dinos hooked up on it.  A few 20k’s on lifts, and lots of ParCans and 10’ers on rooftops shooting down into the street through the tracks.  We went to Jersey today for the New Years.  I managed to sleep a few hours and have lunch with Zoe’s kind relatives in Princeton.  We are now watching HDTV on the new used LG tuner, and the vintage Denon PMA-850. Pure Vintage. It weighs like 40 pounds.

Cherry Coke

Bought a mean rain jacket at Pop’s in Greenpoint. It’s a cordura Carhartt special medium-long, in black. Should work well as a rain shell at the very least, even if I have to buy another rubberized rain jacket. The old (Transcontinental Bicycle Expedition Summer 2001) website is back on this domain at It’s fun to look at pictures of my exhausted self 5 years ago. We look young. I’m obessed with this now. As Zoe said, I’m about 10 years older now than most children are when they start college. Astor Place seems the playground. The Mets tonight at Shea. Possibly a jetset double header in November: Oregon with Chris and Jared and then Paris with Zoe over Thanksgiving. Do it.

Ramsey Phila Annelise and a friend from schoolA late breakfast.Amazing spinning things.

Zooey vs. Zoë

I felt Zoë and I did the right thing last night by not asking Zooey about her name in Salinger’s book, mostly because Zoë was irritated that people don’t know the multiple spellings or correct pronunciation, and I hadn’t previously spoken with the actress (because, after listening to Leto tirade about how he should never be called out of his character’s name I decided conversation with actors should perhaps be limited). Josh and I loaded in at Pany. The day is beautiful. There will be an oak kitchen island fashioned by our hands at some point soon. I keep thinking about Vermont. I have tickets for a trip to Oregon. These days the air is perfect, the trees want to change, and I think of Winter places.

Bowery is still somewhat dangerous

On a Friday night after a day that felt like a week, Bowery on a bicycle is a death trap. Friday night with a 10 hour turn-around for tomorrow. The 4 day thing is going well enough, though. The little truck packs like a dream. If only there were a shelf for the ballasts above the 6K’s, that would save some unloading. The Gitane was an active prop in one of the scenes. I’ve been lazily turning AC on before going to bed because even at 74 degrees I want the room cold and Zoe is always warm. Braeden is in New York from Zambia going to school on the UWS. Hopefully LIC this Sunday. There is an island to be built in the kitchen. Atleast the shoe rack is done (re-used pine) batten). I think the McCarren Park pool party days are over, but I have this photo of a young woman’s bicycle heart tatoo. And a Greenpoint sunset. And Stephen doing the slip and slide with his belly.

IMG_2508.JPGIMG_2470.JPG IMG_2464.JPG IMG_2459.JPG

4am corporate video

Maybe this is what separates the NY corporate video world from all the other cities: overnight corporate video shoots.  Yeah man, we have this law firm from 4pm to 5am, lets rock it! The director kept asking for flatter and flatter lighting.  Basically a 1:1 ratio on everything, BetaSP baby.  I had hopes, considering the absurbly secretive nature of it at first, that maybe it was in actuality a porno shoot at a law firm.  Sadly, it was just a hillariously absurd training video, about how to more effectively deal with your office mates.  It’s been raining a lot.  Zoe hasn’t been hating on work as much lately.  We went to “The Ten” wrap party with Ginny.  Shawn left for a trip out west.  Josh is gaffing next week and Taylor and I get to work for the young actress from “10 Things I Hate About You” in her first effort as director, with the DP from “Death to Smoochy”.  That sounds about right.  I heard the Michel Gondry film is still shooting in NY.  I’d like to work on that.  I hear it’s pretty wild.