weddings and trains and automobiles

Even though we’re shooting on Staten Island tommorrow I’ll be catching that 20:35 train so that Matt can pick us up. So Zoe can get Marcus’ car, so she can primp and prep for the big day of Stephanie’s on Saturday. I somehow lost my tux. And the blue blazer I wear for all occasions I’ve worn since 7th grade. And then the Czech relatives are in North Carolina. And we’re driving down for a few days.  It’ll be hot.  Saw a vintage Kenwood amp for $100 on Bedford Ave today, Andrea from Day Zero was watching the store for a friend.  Shawn, Sean, and I ran into her on Saturday as well at the Pool Party show of Beruit and Deerhoof. The landlord is still crazy and incessant about niggling things, like a ding in the hall from when we moved in.  Or how she sleeps 4 hours a day works nights. I hope she moves out.
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yes and yes

Sometimes, the thing that is both exciting and difficult about pursuing a career that is non-traditonal, is actually saying ‘yes’. For example: you are finishing up one movie where they decide that the last two shooting days should be overnights (5pm-5am) and then you get a call, asking if you want to work on the new Russell Crowe movie that’s shooting in town the day after you’re done with your piddly Tier 1 movie, and you know you’ll only sleep 2-4 hours, max, over a 36 period. But the thing is, you have to say YES. Because if you say NO you won’t get called back, and it’s a 75 day shoot with Crowe and Denzel, so for heaven’s sake, YES get yourself on that payroll and hope to atleast few days out of it, because these people are pros and hopefully the picture will come out at under $100 million. Which if you’re counting is only 50 times less than the one I wrapped 2 nights ago.

My Mac Book Pro arrived. It’s really nice.

one day

Tommorrow night will be the last for this show. Cillian will go to London. Lucy will no doubt make more money and have a nice big trailer of her own. The crew will get drunk at a bar called Siberia. There is no winning. Only re-designs. I like this layout. I have a new Mac Book Pro coming to me. We’ll see if it runs any faster than a Dell Inspiron PIII @ .902 GHz, 128 MB RAM. I feel like I’ve earned it. There are weddings and trips to the south lands coming up. Matt, Dan, and I should go for a run, except that it’s August and I’m already bloated and middleaged.

about that testosterone patch on my scrotum

The other night (Friday) when I flew home from Midwood, Brooklyn, all of 8 miles or so to our home, up Bedford, spinning like mad, hitting all the lights, I thought of nothing else but the chafing from wearing wet jeans, due to a massive thunderstorm, all day. Do not wear wet jeans on a bicycle. Do not wear wet jeans all day at work. Bring spare pants. And shirts.

On a separate note: Josh has all sorts of gossip about female Hollywood leads. Winona is a klepto who can’t remember her lines. Cholë will sleep with anyone, seriously, anyone. He’s going to go off to Texas. I’ll either not work and sleep a lot and try and build some wood items for our place, or possibly put a down payment on a Maserati or a new laptop. There is also a wedding and a chance trip down to NC. And possibly more chafing. Landis may or may not have had a testosterone patch on his scrotum. I know I would’ve. I’m sure it feels nice.