morgen morgen

This past night-to-day was our last night shoot. I am so glad to be
back home. I love coming home at 8am knowing I don’t have to work
another night and drinking a beer, while although it is 8am, I have
been working for 12 hours and I don’t care.  I think Elijah is almost
wrapped, he has some sky diving scene, which is perhaps one of the
reasons he chose this movie over making millions of dollars this month,
in the first place.  His character has a list of things to do before
going off to war, similar to the film “Things to do in Denver when
you’re dead” except without a Baldwin son acting in it.  I don’t want
to ruin it for anyone.  Since it’s HD I imagine it’ll be done sooner
than later.  We worked as efficiently as we could tonight.  I am going
to shower and wake up Zoe.

Elijah as himself

These days on this $1mil feature haven’t been so bad so far. The male leads are Elijah Wood, Chris Klein, and some other young actor who sounds like he’s from New York or Jersey. It’s about the draft. I’m inclined to say that Elijah is actually a pretty down to earth guy, a bit into computers/digital cameras and other geeky stuff, but I think you’d kind of expect it if you watch him in his roles. Anyhow, my old school position title on this feature is “Lamp Operator”. I think Chris would find it a good title, because I think he’d be proud of how I “work” the lights. There’s actually quite a bit to it. I don’t know if I’d call it magic. Because most of the time my mind wanders: do you suppose I could bicycle to Ann Arbor, Michigan in less than a week? How much does a penthouse/rooftop loft in Williamsburg/Greenpoint go for? What would it be like to have roofdeck access? I watched a good part of the sunset over the East River and the midtown skyline. Williamsburg has that going for it. And dirty hipsters. Where the guys wear tighter pants than the girls. Amazing.

DullesPitlock skewers


Hmm. The ABC pilot, for me anyhow, is over and done. It seems like a lot of money to be spending on another crime drama. Who can say? My first major’s contract job. That’s good. Lots of guys from Jerseee, New Yourork, etc. I spent a lot of time in the air, looking at birds in trees. Thinking about powerlines, the effectiveness of a manlift to become a conduit. Turns out, you DO NOT GROUND THE LIFT. If the lift is grounded it’s a huge lightening rod. And I would be standing on it. Ideally, the lights don’t leak any current, I’ve got a big rubber mat and boots, and I don’t become a conduit. Four aught cable is heavy. Hundred feet runs of two aught are nothing. 18k’s need to warm up with the bulb in the middle position. Panavision stuff looks nice. Some movie with Elijah Wood is coming up. I want to be friends with that kid. He seems nice.