i would talk about the pilot for ABC i’ve been working on except that
i’m too tired, and apparently have an infected chin possibly because i
was too cheap to buy a $1/also disposable blade Gilette razors. I
mean, you get like 10 razors from the dollar store, that seems like a
much better deal considering I shave at most once a week. Zoe and I
go to CostCo and I look at the razor prices, and it doesn’t even bother
me that I have to pay for my cheapness with a rashy infected chin. So
there you go. Oh yeah, I’m packing my stuff. Zoe has more kitchen
stuff than she’ll need, and I still want to throw away the teflon pans
at her home. Even my stoner roommate threw out his teflon pans in a
fit of paranoid rage after watching a TV news special on the dangers of
teflon. I have a couple of new used bicycle frames. and health
insurance through the Motion Picture Industry union plan to fix the
rash on my chin. that’s about the extent of my excitement. Zoe and I
were drinking “dark and stormies” the other night, and we watched more
of OC season 1. I recommend you do the same.

Healthy Choices

Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi is considered a “healthy choice alternative”, it says so on the bottle, and I am all for this. The problem is, the greater populace of New York has not found such a love for this newly formulated wonder drink. In most stores 2 liter bottles are all that can be found and I’ve yet to consume that much Diet Wildcherry-ness. I find the delicious cherry-like soda beverage best in quantities of say 12 to 20 ounces at a time, ice cold, refreshingly sweet, but without the calories. This is all I have to say. I’m still interviewing for a new home. Soon.


without relevancy

I remember the discussion we had at Chris’s dinner table, what would you do if you knew within the first month of your pregnancy that your child was retarded? For most at the table there was no question, lose the child, fetus. I wasn’t certain, that is until my return back to Astoria Queens and back to the dirty skater house. You see, the man children I live with might as well be 27 year old mentally challenged adults. And most the time I am at this house I dearly wish I wasn’t here sharing this fantastic experiment in non-functional-living.

I remember in Oregon having similar sentiments against the others in my group housing experiments there, and for the most part I think I am a cleanly and affable roommate; but perhaps destined to not live with others. I think the argument that mentally challenged adults are a burden on society is misplaced. I would say that skaters in their mid-twenties who don’t know how to turn on the stove or pay a bill, should be just as singled out in this abortive eugenic mission.