apparently the French actress Emmanuelle BĂ©art thought I might be a paparazzi as i brought a digital camera to give to the gaffer Sean, for pictures of lighting/setups, and since she doesn’t speak much English, someone kept telling her “no no, grip electric” finally the 1st AD came to me and was like, “who are you?” and that’s where i flashed off like 20 photos and totally ran off and sold them to French tabloids. Easy money. No really. I gave Sean the camera. Fucking production. No, you know who I want to work with? Chris Koch, who directed such notables as “Snow Day” and “A Guy Thing” now that guy is a genius. Really the key is making bank on G films. Not quite like Robert Rodriguez, god knows we don’t need another “Spy Kids”.


i think i finally need to recount the B-list, almost famous celebrity streak I’ve been having here in New York working on independent feature films.  It pretty much all started with Gretchen Mol, on this Maria Maggenti Indigent project, (Mol starred in such films as Rounders, Donnie Brasco, Woody Allen’s Celebrity, and the unforgettable 13th Floor) and, as it was a bi-sexual lesbian love triangle New York movie, it also co-starred Justin Kirk, from the HBO & Mike Nichols "Angels in America".  While we were on set one day Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgard walked by, apparently Avra (a grip), went to high school at Crossroads with she, Jake, and the Mamet kids (I miss LA, really I do).  And then in the West Village one night, Mike Myers walks by!  Fantastic!

Next, I’m working on this film somehow about people who fetishize wheelchairs and amputees, starring, drum roll, Nick Stahl, almost famous again in such films as Sin City, Bully, In The Bedroom, and Terminator 3: the Rise of the Machines (Jamison, I quote, said, "Man that was the best Terminator movie ever, I mean we  finally got to see the goddamn machines blow up the world").  This feature co-stars the 7-UP guy Orlando Jones.  He’s awesome.

Then, I’m working on this Israeli forbidden Palestinian love story in the Lower East Side, and I’m hanging off the back of the electric truck with my long hair and unshaven face, and a woman walks by with a fairly large dog, and she looks very familiar, in fact, she looks like the actress from Happiness, The Anniversary Party, and appeared briefly with Jack Black in the film Orange County, among others.  She gives me a look, a smile and walks on.  This exact exchange happens again the next day.  Later, again in the East Village I confirm with Alan Cumming’s personal assistant that Jane Adams does in fact live in the LES, and has a fairly large dog.

So that’s where I’m at right now.