hot boulder

thinking of going to central park and bouldering.  may see david tonight.  _the morning line_ show was a moderate success, but most of all I think these guys will have a good summer playing venues ’til Stephen leaves for school.  here are my photos: i’m going to help them with their official site soon.

Zoe’s air conditioner works something fantastic.  terry has decided that dead cockroaches in the sink are unacceptable, which may or may not persuade him to clean his dishes and sliverware.  James Connell is in town for the 2005 World Bike Messenger Championships so it’ll be good to see that crazy kid, maybe even participate in an Alley Cat race in Jersey this Thursday on the French fixed gear. it creaks. Zoe’s tall blonde Danish is gone from our lives to Sudan, so good luck to her, she left us all sorts of crap to sort through.  Sanwaree may bequeath me her 917 number. Hot.

house gone

i weekend in Washington, DC. This final chapter, the 4th of July involves a wedding in Oakton, or Vienna of one of Zoe’s best friends.
Then that’s it. Weekends in Central Park from here on out. Weekends riding the N up and down Manhattan. Charlie White on Saturday, Folk Life festival downtown, drinking hot organic chocolate milk on the mall in front of the Smithsonian baking, Jessica joined us for a bit.
Sunday, we climbed rocks, Matt and I, with Ben and Leora at Great Falls park. It was 95 degrees in DC. My parents said Iceland is expensive and cold. They still have more stuff to pack, but for the most part the house has lost its spirit. It’s out of their hands now.
Terry seems excited to have a well kept house, I’m not sure Darren is aware as such. Onward.

heman castle greyskull

mr. potato head made the move this weekend. as did Heman and an assortment of Transformers, Mask figures, as well as the Japanese figures whereby 5 colors form one giant space robot, I cannot recall the name. I have the complete Castle of Grey Skull, retail value?
Priceless I think. Zoe helped once I arrived in Astoria with furniture wood, and figurines.

After eating dinner with Zoe’s aunt and boyfriend, I learned that because the door to my room cuts at 45 degree angle, those entering are “helpful people” however, the door itself is more part of the career wall, the fireplace is alos on the career which is quite ominous, and as such needs to be plugged to stop the career from going up. The bed is going in the Relationship corner, head on the Fame wall. Books in the Knowledge corner. Desk in the wealth prosperity corner. Dangling crystal center of room, Health. I do hope Jessica enjoys here new job and her 6 year old IBM X-series laptop.

and back home.

Made it to Astoria at 4am this morning. This is a less than ideal time to return from Philadelphia. Darren and Terry were awake and drinking. It’s also desirable when shooting a student film not to have your father drive the 15 passenger van at all times, including 3am into Manhattan. Abraham was my gaffer/belligerent New Jersey City companion for the week on set. Tim was his Floridian, now New Jersey, Key Grip counterpart. It was something of a good cop/bad cop routine for me all week, fortunately Abe likes to juggle and we were able to find one thing to not get upset at one-another about.

Also: I left my white cotton sleeping socks at the dorm at Temple. I really hope Production finds a way to get these back to me. I’m working on a music video the next two days in Manhattan. That should be fun and low budget. Independent Film Maker magazine listed New York as #1 for iFilm not too long ago, I think for good reason. I have some ideas for bicycles.