First Serious Track Workout

Ran to Cardoza track w/ Jroc, 13 min w/u. Goals for workout were 90″, 85″, 85″, 80″, 75″, 70″ x 400m, then 37″, 37″, 35″, 35″ x 200m, all with equal rest period to interval… here’s what we achieved: 94″ equal rest, 86″ equal rest, 85″ equal rest, 81″ equal, 76″ + 5″ rest, 72.4″ + 28″ rest, 35.3″ + 3″ rest, 35.7″ + 7″ rest, 35.0″ + 10″ rest, 35.0″, full recovery, 14 min c/d home. Felt sloppier after faster work, focused on turnover and stronger toe off. I think form barefoot speed will help in these instances as toe off will be much stronger. total ~45′

Soccer Park Rock in Foot

Ran to Soccer Park: 3x high knees for 30m, 3x russian kicks 30m, 6x fast accelerating strides 110m, all barefoot, felt really good. Maybe did the strides too fast, but tried accelerating smoother on the last ones. Focused on turnover. No pains, no orthotics, new lacing pattern on right shoe. Finished run via Rockefeller mansion route back: not including form drills, total 24′

Danny Yi

Run w/ Dan Yi, pretty quick down from Gravelly point to Rosevelt Island. Worked on turnover. Had pains in top of right foot after run, maybe orthotics, new shoe tightness. Iced + ibuprofen: total 42′

DCRRC Turkey Trot 5 miler

31 min, 15 seconds. A nice morning race: friends & family. What happened to Bradford Skow? We were supposed to run together. I had a good race. There were no mile markers or timers. I think I may have been 18:00 at the 3 mile, it’s hard to say.

First Encounter with Cardozo

Jared and I ran to the track and ran some laps. 4 x 400m, with usu. 2.5′ rest between. The split times were as follows: 12 min warmup, (91.8″) + 2’10” rst, (76.7″), (82.6″) +2’20” rest, (83.3″), 16 min cool down: total 39′

MCRRC Marathon in the Parks

3 hours, 31 min. But we all know about pitstops. And not expecting to run 26.2 ever again. It shows that it can be done. Like Boston in 2000, 8 minute pace almost, no worries. I thought I was going to run 15-18 miles easy. I ran 26. No worries. Matt Johnson was there for me. I appreciate it buddy.

Asa is long and hard

Asa, Jared, and I ran down to Georgtown C&0, 4 miles out, ran back via Dupont Circle. Long run, felt pretty good, just slow on the hills, not a lot of speed or endurance. Total: 1 hour, 41′