14,000 things happy, still not dead

Zoe and I made it. Took the fixed gear for a spin today. Here is a recap from today, I really don’t want to talk about the move except to say that my parents no longer have any of my belongings, and that all I own fits into a 5’x5′ storage locker, and that Zoe’s place is nice and cute and I think she’ll be a much happier commuter.

As taken from the 14,000 Things to Be Happy About book on the beside table of what used to be my childhood room:


bicycling across the Brooklyn Bridge while talking to Matt Johnson for free using Skype on a spring day.

Nearly getting killed by a car full of hoodlums in Red Hook projects, but _not_.

All of Brooklyn Heights historic district, including esplanade above double decker BQE

Couples riding fixed gears in the East Village park.

Riding home across the Williamsburg bridge and successfully navigating my way home w/o a map!