1099 biatch

apparently I don’t work for the man any more.  the man resides in Jacksonville, Florida filling the pockets of all those who do legal assistant temp work, you poor lot, you know who you are, it’s on your W-2.  it’s all about 1099.  deduct it all, every last cent.  that’s what I say.

rode bus to the mother suburb of VA, my parents are moving it all.
every last cent of it, thrown away, burned for cash, the Porsche must go (http://www.marybicycles.com/porsche) any offer will do, everything.  My childhood room has been dismanteld and repainted white, and now looks like and ascetic lives there.

shooting the 48 hour film project in DC (http://www.48hourfilm.com/) with some kids I met on Friendster, lets hope it ends in a knifing or an orgy! sweet! Emily.  hope Dave lets me go with the Canon XL1s. time will tell.  Never ever go to the Home Depot in Queens, ever again. Zoe’s belonging’s must return to the BK, in a truck, and my bicycles too.