$1000 per day

apparently the cunning video-grapher can be payed by CBS or whoever airs the god damned golf tournament about $600/day flat 8 hour rate plus expenses plus overtime, which means, the average shooter who hustles his ass off chasing down all 72 holes can expect about on average nearly $1000/day before taxes. For mother fucking television!
incredible. Apparently that is why people try to work on films. Or never work on films, right? I mean if I continually got work shooting golf tournaments I’d probably just be a fat video-grapher based out of South Carolina continually binge drinking at the club houses and cavorting with uncouth aristocratic sorority debutante sluts of the Swanee dreams.

In other news Andrew Starner is a maniac and I love him. It makes me sad that I’m moving from DC, but I’d hope after Paris he’d find his way back to New York, where I’m being poisoned rather quickly by asbestos covered pipes, where I need to leave, right away, I don’t think Zoe would put me up for a week, Renee Davis in Harlem might, but Conor and Stephen should, so maybe I’ll hash out these final two weeks and really look _hard_ for something less toxic.

Oh yeah. The 48 hour film project here in Arlington of all god awful places seems to be going pretty well. We’ll find out tomorrow in the edit suite. Don’t fuck with asbestos.